About me

Maritime and northern motifs predominate in the work of Folke Lindenblatt, who works as a freelance artist and scientific illustrator. Fascinated by the clear light of the northern countries, she uses strong colours and unusual techniques.

Tales from the sea are told in water colour mixed media technique on paper or canvas, in oil and acrylic, woodcuts, wood reliefs and mosaics. Nature illustrations and scientific drawings turn the gaze from landscapes, wave pictures, funny fish and cutters to the detail. So detailed representations of insects and plants or colourful teaching boards of entire biological habitats are created.
Folke Lindenblatt is a member of the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK Südniedersachsen), board member of KulturRad e.V., organizer of the „Open Studios in Göttinger Land“.

National and international exhibitions since 1988.

Folke Lindenblatt