Gallery Folke Lindenblatt

Paintings and sculptures, illustrations

Tales from the sea and elsewhere

in water colour mixed media, oil und acrylic, graphite, woodcut and wood relief sculpture, tell about: Sea creatures and water crafts, houses and harbours, waves and beaches, sand und stones… A journey into the world of form and colour, such abundance …

The fascination of the breaking wave
Tales from elsewhere
tell about different places, about houses, roofs and windows, about pattern and structures
Sea creatures
Real and fictional, serious and comical
Geological and botanical
Delve into detail, forms, colours, pattern

Tales from the sea
told in “strippe images”, in unusual formats and perspectives
Border between land and ocean
Drawn in the sand
Bizarre fish, messages, pattern, ideas
Sculptures and installations
Wood relief sculptures, cubes and more
Übersicht Holzschnitt


Information about:


New projects and techniques

In my paintings I like to experiment. I mix techniques and painting media and work on various painting grounds. In water colour mixed media for example I use apart from water colour also oil pastels, pencils, graphite powder, gouache und free pigments. As a painting ground I use Torchon carton, specially primed canvas or wood cubes. I also work in acrylic and oil.

My wood cuts are printed on stone paper with lino printing ink and/or specially mixed paints. Often I prime the stone paper with acrylic or oil paint. Multicoloured prints are either produced with several printing blocks or with the technique of the “lost form”. Further information about the different techniques can be found in the blog.

My wood relief sculptures are carved in limewood. They are partly painted and oiled.

Scientific illustrations

in graphite und gouache for science books, publications, posters, information material.

Hirschkäfer in Streichholzschachtel